IronWeb SDK Changelog

The IronWeb SDK NPM releases follow standard Semantic Versioning style versions. The versions of the SDK are in the form major.minor.patch.

Note: The patch versions of the IronWeb SDK will not be sequential and might jump by multiple numbers between sequential releases.


  • Upgraded version of internal RecryptJS dependency.


  • Added new method to update a group. Currently only supports updating the name to a new value or clearing the name.
  • Added new method to delete a group. Group deletes are permanent and will cause all documents that are only encrypted to the group to no longer be decryptable. Use caution when calling this method.
  • Added restrictions for user, group, and document IDs. If any method is called with an ID that doesn't confirm to the ID requirements, that method will throw. IDs are now restricted to the following characters:

    • Any number (0-9)
    • Any uppercase or lowercase letter from a-z
    • The following special characters _.$#|@/:;=+'-
    • Be at most 100 characters long


  • Updated version byte on the front of all encrypted documents to version two. Encrypted documents now contain the ID of the document embedded as a header of the document.
  • Added a new document method IronWeb.document.getDocumentIDFromBytes() which takes an encrypted document and attempts to parse the header to retrieve the document ID. If the document was an older, version 1 document, null will be returned.


  • Added version byte to the front of all encrypted documents. This byte will represent an all-encompassing flag to denote the details about how documents are symmetrically encrypted. This will allow for backward compatible future modification if changes are made to how documents are symmetrically encrypted.
  • Updated all dependencies to the latest version


Initial release